Woodworking services in Poland - custom made wooden furniture manufacturers


Our offer includes comprehensive wood and plastic working services. Our woodworking services in Poland make use of the best and most technologically advanced CNC milling as well as CAD design creating.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern software, which allows us to fulfil a wide variety of orders with the highest precision. The CNC milling machine, using the latest milling method, is capable of wood working down to the smallest, most complicated details.

We offer a broad range of services, from designing to manufacture. We also provide professional technical consultation services.

Our offer includes:

  • traditional carpentry – cutting, grinding, impregnating, varnishing in different colour tones,
  • manufacture of upholstery frames with the option of upholstery,
  • milling using the latest CNC technology,
  • designing using advanced software,
  • support in the form of technical consultation,


We manufacture a broad range of products from plastic, wood and wood-based materials

Our products include:

  • interior and exterior doors,
  • adjustable, custom-sized door and window frames,
  • frame structures,
  • kitchen fronts,
  • tables,
  • window sills,
  • eco-fireplaces,
  • industrial suction cups.
  • We perform both standard orders (basic wood working) and custom orders (precise working guaranteed by diamond and widia lathe tools). We take orders for multiple products as well as single elements.

We are looking forward to doing business with you. Call us or mail us to get more info on our custom made wooden products, CNC milling and CAD drawing services. Our wooden furniture manufacturers serve mainly the following cities: Starogard Gdański, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot as well as the entire zachodniopomorskie and pomorskie voivodship.

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