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Our company provide you with a professional and comprehensive service of CAD design. We use computers at each step of designing and compiling the required documentation of details and the details themselves which are then used for CNC milling.

Our Polish CAD design company offer their services both in Poland (in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot, Tczew, Malbork, Starogard Gdański), but also in Europe (Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, France, UK and many others).

Our CAD design services are characterised by:

  • comprehensive compilation of the documentation for 3D constructions,
  • execution of kinematic analyses,
  • compiling the documentation of 2D constructions,
  • analysis of the strength of the details,
  • compiling complete technical documentations,
  • designing all kinds of forms for a subsequent CNC milling service,
  • visualisations of 2D and 3D objects,
  • comprehensive and quality 3D modelling (on the basis of the documentation),
  • thorough thermal analyses,
  • compiling executive documentations,
  • and many more,

Advantages of CAD design:

  • easy access to databases which means quicker and more detailed project of each element, detail, or form,
  • quick and comprehensive process of project realisation,
  • possibility of matching the right milling programme,


Our CAD design services are available both for individual and business clients. Both CAD drawings and 2D/3D visualisations of products provide an excellent quality of documentation and the very process of milling.


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